Pie in the Sky

As Mark Bittman once said, “Eat all the junk food you want, as long as you make it yourself.”



Making a delicious dinner and blueberry pie with Sara under Mom’s tutelage wasn’t exactly on my bucket list, but it was a worthwhile endeavor nonetheless. Anyone can follow a recipe, but learning to make something nuanced like pie crust with someone with years of (delicious) cooking experience is a game-changer. We learned things that won’t be in the recipe (like the proper technique for rolling out crust and measuring flour, and why it’s helpful to keep the cut butter in the freezer until immediately before you’re going to use it), and it’s always great to have someone next to you who can say “Eh, that sounds like a LOT of lemon juice…” and make adjustments on the fly.

The final product, complete with streusel topping.

The final product, complete with streusel topping.

We combined the pie with a dinner of lemon-onion chicken, spinach, and salads, and I know it’s bad manners to “mmmm” the things you’ve made yourself, but I’ll be damned if things that are already delicious don’t taste just a little bit better when you’re the one who spent the afternoon in the kitchen.

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One Response to Pie in the Sky

  1. Kim says:

    Amazing. That pie looks ridiculous. And it is NOT easy to make pie crust! Maybe your favorite RD should get to taste test next time! :)

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