Bucket List Update: Cronut Day

I’m a bit behind on blogging my bucket list progress (mostly because it’s involved a ton of packing, deep-cleaning my apartment, and a fantastically awesome trip to the Pacific Northwest), but before I descended into a black hole of “UM, why and how do I own so much stuff?” and running away from said black hole by getting on a plane to Seattle (excellent call), I made some actual progress on a crucial bucket list item: I procured a Cronut. Two, to be exact.

Oh, holy cronut.

Oh, holy cronut.

For those that have either been living under a rock or live in areas where people don’t go absolutely apeshit for pastries that cost $5 apiece, the Cronut is a croissant/donut hybrid invented by Dominique Ansel and sold exclusively at his namesake bakery, and NYC has gone bonkers for the little (delicious, cream-filled) buggers. To get one, you need to get on line (because New Yorkers wait on line and not in line. Hi, rest of the country, you’re doing it wrong) a good 1.5+ hours before the bakery opens at 8AM. So, armed with my Mom for company, a mission from my friend Sara, and absolutely no coffee (because no bathroom breaks allowed!), I arrived in SoHo at the bright and early hour of 6:30AM. We managed to get pretty close to the bakery, but not INCREDIBLY close. I shudder to think what time everyone else in line ahead of us needed to wake up…

At least I'm not as crazy as these people, right?

At least I’m not as crazy as these people, right?

Even after the clock struck 8, it still took almost a half hour for us to get inside the bakery to even order our cronuts, but a surprise was waiting inside for us: Mr. Cronut himself!

Mr. Ansel is on the left, and is adorable and French and super-nice.

Mr. Ansel is on the left, and is adorable and super-French and super-nice.

And after a few minutes of waiting, Mom and I each purchased two Cronuts (the max allowed per person), and she continued to her office while I trekked to west midtown to meet Sara, who had more than earned the right to my second Cronut after being the person to suggest putting “wait in the Cronut line” on my bucket list in the first place. I inhaled mine — she exercised a bit more self-control (what’s that?) and brought about half of it back to her office to share with her coworkers (also, I am greedy).

So, the biggest question everyone was asking on all forms of social media (because if you eat a Cronut and don’t Instagram/Facebook/Tweet it, does it taste as good? Nope) is: “WAS IT WORTH IT?”

People, I woke up at 5:15AM and stood in line for 2 hours for a $5 pastry. Can that ever be worth it? No. I don’t even do that in December when Rebecca and I go early-morning shopping for half-price Jimmy Choos at the Saks after-Christmas sale (although we come close. But that is worth it.) But the cronuts were REALLY delicious. It’s a FRIED PASTRY MADE OF CROISSANT DOUGH. Filled with cream and blackberry jam. Iced with blackberry frosting. It was really, really seriously good.

And honestly, the whole spectacle of the thing was just fun. It was a little QT with Mom, the opportunity to be one of the only people I know that has tasted a Cronut (and just in time, before the August flavor switched to coconut…Ick.), and probably the most popular I’ve ever been on social media, because apparently everyone got really sick of watching everyone tweet and Instagram about their sweaty workouts and instead preferred watching me stuff my face with empty carbs. Would I do it again? Absolutely not, unless I was getting paid to get Cronuts for someone else (hint, hi everyone! I have no income.). But it was a tasty and fun morning – definitely a Bucket List success.


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