Sunday Goals – 1/13

Another week, another Sunday, another day when all of a sudden it’s almost 5 PM and I’ve watched 97 episodes of West Wing and I’m sitting on the floor wearing sweatpants and thinking about how tired my legs are, and sort of in denial that I have to make a whole new workout plan for the coming week. But here we are. Hope you all had a nice weekend, because I sure did: the laziest Friday night ever (um, asleep at 10 PM?), a pleasantly-fast long run (more on this later), my first meeting with the Lululemon team I’m running with for the Long Branch Half Marathon, a friend’s housewarming party in Astoria, and a day of mother-daughter bonding at Flywheel/the diner followed by baking, cleaning, and the aforementioned episodes of West Wing.

So, a quick recap of last week’s goals:

  • 3 runs: 3, 3+, and 6 — Not quite. Did 3 miles on Thursday morning with Jenny and 6 miles solo on Saturday morning, but that 3+ just didn’t happen. However — my 6-miler ended up at a pleasantly fast pace (see below). Did it feel fantastically easy? No. But it felt pretty damn good, and it’s making me think that with 4 months to train, that sub-2 hour goal might be in reach for Long Branch.
(I did .4 miles before getting to the park, because finding a satellite signal for the Garmin on my street is a big fat joke).

(I did .4 miles before getting to the park, because finding a satellite signal for the Garmin on my street is a big fat joke).

  • Uplift class (I’m signed up for Warrior Fight Club on Monday night! Highly recommended by Jen — can’t wait to see what it’s like! Other than scary hard.) done
  • 1 Flywheel class (with Mom! She is already a gym rat and puts my muscle tone – or lack thereof – to shame, and I’m hoping to indoctrinate her into its awesomeness) — done, today! I don’t know if she’s a member of the cult yet, but I think she at least saw the appeal of becoming one.
  • 1 strength/easy cardio session at the gym — done, on Wednesday. A 20-minute elliptical hill workout (pasted below courtesy of Julie at Peanut Butter Fingers), followed by a New Rules of Lifting for Women workout.
  • Foam rolling 3×20 min — hard to say. I spent a lot of time this week attacking my Achilles and calves with The Stick, but not a lot of time on the foam roller. 
  • Have a smoothie for breakfast (with kale. Hmmm.) at least twice (something new! I used to be good at this. Would love to get this back on track.) — once. No kale. Oops.

Other things accomplished this week:

I baked!! I saw this post on Chocolate-Covered Katie and was intrigued by the idea of a portable breakfast/snack. Particularly one that included chocolate chips. So I finally got over my fear of cooking with coconut oil and made some preeeeeeeetty awesome tasting (and looking) banana-chocolate-chip oatmeal breakfast cupcakes. And then ate two. In the name of quality control, of course. The official monthly new recipe challenge is over, but it’s not a bad habit to stick with, and so I can consider January officially completed.

photo 2 (17)

Finished product! Minus the ones I ate. Oops.

Finished product! Minus the ones I ate. Oops.

Also, in case you saw my 2012 resolutions wrap-up post and thought “Gee, that Liz, she has awesome taste in books and I sure wish I knew more about what she was reading all year,” I started two new books this week: The Big Short – Inside the Doomsday Machine by Michael Lewis (same guy who wrote Moneyball, The Blind Side, and Liar’s Poker) and The Emperor’s Children by Claire Messud. So there you go.

This week will be a little bit light on the goals — I’m working at an event all day Wednesday and then I’ll be in Boston Thursday through Saturday with a jam-packed schedule, so I don’t want to commit myself to things that I am then going to feel guilty about not doing. My hotel should have a gym and is along the Charles River, so I’ll bring a running outfit, but if I don’t work out, I am 150% ok with that. Yeah, it would be great to be one of those people who does cardio circuits in my hotel room or runs a few miles along the river, and if I wake up on Friday or Saturday morning feeling like that person, great. But I don’t want to feel bad if instead, I wake up feeling like the person who likes lounging around in a giant hotel bed and wants to have enough time in the morning to have straight hair for the day’s events.

  • 3 runs — 2, 4 and 6 miles
  • 1 at-home yoga session
  • 1 lifting session

And now, I’m off to enjoy what’s left of my Sunday — some mindless TV, some football, treating myself to some takeout (with the justification that it can also be lunch tomorrow), and watching the Golden Globes/the season premiere of Girls with Rebecca and the surprise dessert treats she’s bringing over in exchange for sharing my HBO. Good night ahead.

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