Holy crap, it is August.

This means a few things:

  • There is only a month of summer left
  • Our rent is now $75 more each month (boo, hiss)

#1 and #2 make me sad, #3 makes me excited but slightly terrified. So naturally, I wanted to have a really, really good day.

In my world, this means that I started off the day by sending a spreadsheet to half the company and a whole bunch of executives with a bunch of mistakes in it. Twice.

And then I spent money on fun things!

1) Every runner’s favorite toy: a GARMIN!!


I never wanted to spend $200 on a watch before, but Amazon had the 405 on sale for $150, and we got our quarterly bonuses last week, and I’m a sucker for flash sales, and I like toys, and I love anything that helps me organize anything, and it’s so pretty, and I am ohsoexcited to nerd out and track my pace and distance and be able to happily run speed intervals outside, Garmin beeping all along the way.

2) After a tough 3M tempo run (3M at 9:49 — right at the fast end of my tempo zone according to my best friend, the McMillan Running Calculator, and yes I do make friends with websites! — but harder than I felt like it should have been), I decided I had earned a trip to Whole Foods.


I managed to escape for $60 + a $12 cab ride home, so I’m considering the trip a success. And I even tried (operative word: tried) to keep the guidelines from this awesome article from No Meat Athlete in mind. It’s an amazing guide to how to start eating healthy, clean foods — I tried to buy lots of produce (hello, $11 worth of cherries. Oops), whole grains, and unprocessed animal products. My two concessions to the gods of processed foods were some vegan chick’n patties and an Amy’s frozen pizza. I’ll live, I think.

And now, lounging on the couch with a book I’ve been excited to steal from my Dad ever since he got it for his birthday in June:

Dear sports gods, please forgive me for reading this while watching the Bachelorette finale.

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Quarterlife New Yorker, trying to make life just a little more interesting.
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One Response to August?

  1. Allie says:

    I almost bought that Garmin – I saw the Amazon lightning deal… but decided I really want the 610. I just can’t bring myself to spend the money on it, yet! Enjoy!

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